architectural scale models                                                        

The best way to communicate a spatial idea is with a three-dimensional physical model, whether it is a simple volume study or a highly detailed presentation model. We create models for competitions, exhibitions, historical reconstructions and various presentations.

New Parliament Building

Tirana, Albania

Meteorological and Hydrological Institute of Croatia

Reconstruction of the railway

Dugo Selo - Križevci

Pelješac Bridge

The Town-Fortress of Osijek

mid 18th century

Trogir - Čiovo Bridge

Urban transformation of

Draga district in Šibenik

Residential complex 'Laginjina'

by architect Ivo Vitić

Osijek Tvrđa

present condition

Study on the transformation of the old tobacco factory, Rovinj

Extension of Čilipi Airport


New railway on the sequence

Gradec - Sv.Ivan Žabno

Simply 4 All

A4 and B2, Bernardo Bernardi

Museum of Geology and Mining 

Podsusedsko Dolje Quarry, Zagreb

Museum of Mining


One-room apartment JU-60 Jugomont

Savski Gaj, Zagreb

Bogdan Budimirov

A House for two

Sopnica-Jelkovec, Zagreb